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Augmented Reality App Development Company and Services

Get AR-powered business solutions with Codesparrk’s augmented reality development services.

Virtual content is overlaid on the scene in the device’s camera lens during augmented reality app development. Codesparrk has developed high-end AR software over the course of 11 years & providing useful mobile applications made with cutting-edge augmented reality technologies.

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Top Augmented Reality App Development Company

For Outstanding Business Solutions with Augmented Reality
We are one of the best augmented reality app development companies in India and the USA. In augmented reality, the user interacts with the digital world using real-world objects or interacts with the real world using digital mediums. As technology has advanced, it has moved beyond the realm of gaming and into the business world.No wonder, more and more businesses are embracing it to elevate the user experience.

Through augmented reality, businesses can establish better connections with customers and the brand, enabling two-way interaction.
Codesparrk offers augmented reality application development services that give your business a competitive edge and help it flourish. We enable brands and commercials to connect the real and digital worlds, offering opportunities for customer interaction.

We have experience developing AR applications for Android, iOS, and Windows. As part of our team, we have AR app developers who enhance product communication and help businesses increase market share and brand recognition with the latest AR technology. Take your marketing campaigns to the next level with a custom branded Augmented reality app.

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AR App Development Services

Our AR app Development services come in a range of multiple sections that are customised according to different business needs. As per market needs, our augmented reality company provides services with all the latest tools and software.


Superimposition-based Application

CodeSparrk builds robust augmented reality (AR apps) that recognise objects placed in front of the camera and superimpose the augmented view. On the top of the object, our AR application captures a magnificent view of the whole object. This idea is used for colossal mechanical devices.


WebAR App

We develop progressive and immersive experiences on the web and in browsers through augmented reality publishing that you can reach without any app downloads. You can reach it by simply clicking on the browser.


Project-Based AR App

An interactive interaction of real-world locations with augmented virtual objects that can be projected later on screens. Hire augmented reality consultants to help you get your idea approved. 


Location-Based AR App

Our expert consultants utilise smart devices’ GPS, accelerometer, and compass to deliver the exact location and display relevant information.


Mobile AR App

Our experts offer a wide range of features and performance to the users. With more memory capacity and better visualization, get the whopping benefits of our mobile augmented reality development services. Now utilise the application in offline mode with improved quality.


Marker-Based AR App

Our recognition based AR discovers and tracks virtual information with clear visuals of rich artifacts. It enables 3D visualisation with appropriate adjustments according to the real object.

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Why Choose Codesparrk Technologies?


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Our services will help you reduce costs & gain efficiency.

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Our Recent Work

We have successfully delivered robust projects to companies scaling from startups to enterprises.

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Why Choose Us?

CodeSparrk is well-known as the leading and most intelligible mobile app development company in the USA and abroad. Our offices are set up in the UK, the USA, Australia, and India. CodeSparrk is recognised for a wide range of services it has provided for over a decade now. We serve industries and startups and have helped businesses become number 1 in the market today. Here are a few reasons that will compel you to opt for CodeSparrk today:

Latest Technology and Multiple Platforms

We provide product-centric results, targeting each sprint for a speedy workflow. We design and develop your app with beautiful and enthralling features while keeping technology and trends in mind. For an enchanting experience, you can open your game on cross-platforms, giving you a plethora of options. 

Transparency and Clarity

We make sure that you remain updated at each stage. We encourage our customers to provide constructive feedback so that we can provide the best digital solutions possible. Get 100% transparency and clarity through time-tracking tools.

Quality Assurance and Easy Accessibility

We run the game through multiple tests to ensure bug-free results. Not only that, but you will be assigned a team to handle all of your current and future inquiries. Get easy accessibility as we are flexible with your time schedules and allow our clients to experience on-demand task-tracking submissions.

Flexible Models

Instead of working with closed parameters and rigid rules, we offer you flexible engagement and hiring models, keeping your budget and needs in mind.

Dedicated AR Developers

Our dedicated team is highly experienced and well-versed in the latest frameworks and delivers high-end, scalable business solutions. 

Enhanced Security

CodeSparrk has enhanced security guidelines to follow for full, proven transparency. Our in-built security features would ensure 100% safety and reliability, which would help organisations define the right approach through the product strategy.

Our Augmented reality App Development Process

Our dedicated team of iPhone mobile app developers fulfills your business needs with a variety of services. Explore the comprehensive process we follow to provide you with cutting-edge AR app development services.

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Discovery and Analysis
We brainstorm on the idea and sot your unique business requirements. We initiate the process by identifying any existing application that require AR features and define technical components accordingly. In the initiation stage, we provide a roadmap of the product.
We then identify the platforms for your AR application and develop a robust prototype.
Visual and Technical Design
Finally we create a user interface that draws a seamless user experience. We reformat any existing 3D objects and design your technical architecture.
Development of AR Application
Our team of developers and designers use the latest technology stack to develop your application.
Timely Deployment
We finally deploy your application on cross platforms and complete the required documentation from our side.
Support and Maintenance
We provide post launch services for any upgrades and maintenance related queries. Our staff is available 24*7 for your business team.
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Technologies We Leverage

Choose from the latest technology frameworks below and take your business to another level with our robust mobile app development company.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Adding digital information to the user’s environment in real time is known as “augmented reality” (AR). In contrast to virtual reality (VR), which generates a wholly constructed environment, users of augmented reality (AR) encounter a real-world environment with newly created perceptual information superimposed over it.

In order to develop an augmented reality app, there are eight steps to follow:

  1. Determine your niche and your USP.
  2. Develop a business plan.
  3. Finding an app development company
  4. Choosing the app’s functionality
  5. UX/UI design
  6. Development
  7. Marketing and promotion
  8. Planning for growth

Each of the above steps is broken down into sub-steps.

A technology that overlays digital information onto real-world environments is augmented reality. Users can view a combined image of a real scene and virtual objects. 

Definitely! Our clients gain a great deal of insight into their customers’ behavior. As a result, they can create a better customer experience.

There are many platforms on which we create. We have expertise in Unreal Engine, Unity, Adobe Suite, Autodesk Suite, and all VR headsets and AR frameworks, for example.

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Recent Blogs

Learn something new about technology with our recent comprehensive blogs on interesting topics.

Industries We Serve In

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Photo & Video

Social Newtorking

On-Demand Delivery


Health & Fitness

Transport & Logistic

Food & Drink

Education & Learning

E commerce & Shopping

Banking & Finance

Travel & Tourism

Real Estate

Business Engagement Models


Time & Material

Under this engagement model, the client has to pay only for the man hours of the resources along with the project requirements. Our project team gives regular updates as the development process evolves/progresses. With agile methodology, alterations and additions would be seamless with elements changed when needed.


Fix Scope Model

A fixed price model involves a fixed timeline under which the project is scheduled to be completed. We give 95% timely submissions, keeping your unique requirements in mind. No additional expenses would be levied as the development cost is fixed.


Hire Team

Hire a dedicated team of mobile app developers for you project according to your requirements. At CodeSparrk, get comprehensive team of dedicated developers, designers, creative heads, and project managers who are highly skilled and experienced.

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