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Virtual content is overlaid on the scene in the device’s camera lens during augmented reality app development.

Codesparrk has developed high-end AR software over the course of 11 years & providing useful mobile applications made with cutting-edge augmented reality technologies.

Virtual reality game development company

Augmented Reality App Development Company

For Outstanding Business Solutions with Augmented Reality

We are one of the best ar app development companies in India and USA. In Augmented Reality, the user interacts with the digital world using real-world objects or interacts with the real world using digital mediums. As the technology has evolved, it has surpassed the realm of gaming and moved into the business world as well. No wonder, more and more businesses are embracing it to elevate the user experience.

Through Augmented Reality, businesses can establish better connections with customers and the brand, enabling two-way interaction.

Codesparrk offers Augmented Reality Application Development services which give your business a competitive edge and help it flourish. We enable brands and commercials to connect the real and the digital worlds, offering opportunities for customer interaction.

We have experience developing AR applications for Android, iOS, and Windows. As part of our team, we have augmented reality app developer who enhance product communication and help businesses to increase market share and brand recognition with latest AR technology. Take your marketing campaigns to the next level with a custom branded AR app.

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Key Benefits of Augmented Reality App Development Services

Product preview facility

Product Preview Facility

Viewing a product live allows consumers to see all aspects of a product and understand its features. This experience can be brought to life by our developers with expertise in ARkit/Arcore technology.

Experience in real life

Experience in Real Life

In the world of AR Development, every customer is excited about the possibility of experiencing the real world without leaving their comfortable home.

Branding innovation

Branding Innovation

Including Unity 3D technology in your business shows your customers a sense of purpose that is strategically executed, and maintains their interest because of the new ideas created by the technology.

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Engagement Enhancement

You can turn your product into a mobile development app if you hire an AR app developer. You’ll be able to give your customers easy access to view your products, and keep them up-to-date.

Ar & education

AR & Education

Because it offers a variety of services, it makes teaching easier. In addition to making teaching easier, this technology keeps students engaged.

Increases business roi

Increases Business ROI

In order to bridge the digital and physical worlds (bricks & mortar), we use technology. It increases opportunities for companies such as travel, eCommerce,it provides a live view of the service they provide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Adding digital information to the user’s environment in real time is known as augmented reality (AR). In contrast to virtual reality (VR), which generates a wholly constructed environment, users of augmented reality (AR) encounter a real-world environment with created perceptual information superimposed on over of it.

In order to develop an augmented reality app, there are eight steps to follow:
  1. Determine your niche and your USP
  2. Develop a business plan
  3. Finding an app development company
  4. Choosing the app’s functionality
  5. UX/UI design
  6. Development
  7. Marketing & promotion
  8. Planning for growth
Each of the above steps is broken down into sub steps.

A technology that overlays digital information onto real-world environments is augmented reality. A combined image of a real scene and virtual objects can be viewed by users.

Definitely! Our clients gain a great deal of insight into their customers’ behavior. As a result, they can create a better customer experience

There are many platforms on which we create. We have expertise in Unreal Engine, Unity, Adobe Suite, Autodesk Suite, and all VR headsets and AR frameworks, for example.


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