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React Native App Development Company in USA

Get smart and creative solutions from React Native app development for cross-platform performance without any lag or bugs. React Native is a popular tool for app development due to its robust and feature-rich technology. React Native app development services provide you multiple benefits, including the ability to craft both Android and iOS mobile apps simultaneously. This app’s development has skyrocketed in the market due to its dynamic features and flexibility.

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React Native App Development Company

Get smart and creative solutions from React Native app development for cross-platform performance without any lag or bugs. React Native is popularly used as a tool for app development due to its robust and feature rich technology. React Native app development services offer numerous advantages, including the ability to create both Android and iOS apps at the same time. This application’s development skyrocketed in the market due to its dynamic features and flexibility.

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Reach Native App Development Services

From API integration to consulting services, we have a comprehensive package for you! Explore these services with CodeSparrk today:


React Native App Development

From structuring an intuitive UI to delivering high end applications inclusive of all the latest trends, we assist you in everything using innovative solutions. Our React Native App Development services offer a plethora of dynamic apps, including Android and iOS app development, API integration, Redux, Xcode and Android Studio, and native UI development.


React Native Consulting

Build a native look through our React Native consulting services. We help you prepare a model that best represents your business ideas and minimum viable product (MVP). After understanding your requirements, we offer a process and a structured plan to initiate the process. We go through the plan, and with your and the team’s approval, we initiate the process. Our comprehensive process includes UI/UX, analytics, application deployment and optimization, and end-to-end testing.


Code Auditing

After looking at your code and figuring out what needs to be added, we would find any flaws or holes to make it not only useful but also different from everything else on the market. It’s pertinent to make your app the spitting image of your business so that your customers understand you from a distance as well. Our code auditing process involves code review, auditing, code quality, error rectification, performance boosting, and securing stability.


React Native App Migration

Looking for specialists to modernise and upgrade your application? Get cutting-edge services with our team of expert developers who help with improved performance by reviewing existing applications, migrating your data, and boosting your speed to the latest trend.


Prototype and Wireframe Development

Our process proceeds with planning, prototyping, actualizing, and giving time to market updated solutions. Our CodeSparrk developers craft wireframes, and the coding cycle starts.


Server-Side APIs

Expand the productivity of back-end development, API development, server development, data exchange, and security with top-notch React native app developers. Build a more powerful interface that best represents you.

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Why Choose Codesparrk Technologies?


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Our services will help you reduce costs & gain efficiency.

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Our Recent Work

We have successfully delivered robust projects to companies scaling from startups to enterprises.

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React Native Cutting-Edge Features

Stunning, trendsetting, and high-end services require an expert team with a strict schedule to secure deadlines. At CodeSparrk, our experienced team follows the rules and regulations through which your digital transformation of product goes through multiple tests. We make sure the quality is not compromised at any level. Look at some of the cutting-edge features you get by enrolling with us:

Agile Procedure

Our multi-functional groups integrate with each other to bring the project live. Our comprehensive procedure use agile systems through which we understand the viability of your project. It's pertinent to decode your earlier software or need to plan a fresh one from scratch thoroughly.


We tend to your requirements and budgets and offer you the best possible plan for React Native app development. Our React Native developers have multiple teams who take care of your vision at every step.

Transparency and Mutual Trust

Any relationship is formed on trust and transparency. We at CodeSparrk believe in keeping our customers satisfied that further mirrors our values. At each step, you would progress with us. Nothing would be hidden from the eyes of its owner.

Easy Adaptability

We offer adaptability on cross-platforms both for Android and iOS React native app development. You get updates round the clock so that you suggest changes regularly and nothing is confining you from achieving success.
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Why Choose React Native for your App Development?

With reduced costs up to 95%, open source libraries, and saved time, you get a plethora of advantages using React Native app development services. Reach Native app development focuses on the three Ss: slick, smooth, and long-lasting.

With React Native, it permits you to put the codes to their ultimate use. Start utilising your mobile market with an app designed for a seamless user experience. Since React Native has gone open source, it has gained popularity among top companies, especially because of its usability as a native app. But what are the features you should look for while using React Native app development? Let’s explore:

A 100% Trusted Way

For the first time, React Native was built by Facebook for its own services. They wanted to create their own social portals. But since it has been open-sourced, every big company is scoring for React Native due to its results on Facebook. So it's a tried and trusted way to go for mobile app development.

Single Codebase

Develop faster and more productive projects in little or no time. React Native mobile app development has a single codebase for both Android and iOS that cuts your time and money by more than 95%. You don't have to go for two teams and dig holes in your pocket when one is giving you the advantages of two.

Simple and Supple

With React Native, our developers build easy to read codes with frameworks that are simple to understand. We provide our clients the liberty to ask any query at any stage. A key feature of React Native is hot reload that gives you a preview of the code and its impact. This would ensure you an error free code.

Massive Libraries

Get lots of ready-made solutions and libraries. Our team of developers would fetch 100% bug-free code. Libraries such as Redux help you maintain state management. Libraries such as flow and prototype help you type faster, among other benefits.

AR VR Application Development

codeSparrk allows you to build robust AR/VR applications using React Native. Marker-based augmented reality, projection-based augmented reality, product visualization, 3D modelling apps, a virtual tour app, and much more are available from us! 

AI & Machine Learning Capabilities

Our team of developers makes bug-free AI solutions to serve a plethora of projects, including sales, product development, and marketing. It offers seamless data visualization, smart search, image processing, voice processing, object recognition, and custom algorithms, among others.

Our App Development Process

Our dedicated team of app developers fulfils your business needs with a variety of services. Explore the comprehensive process we follow to provide you with cutting-edge mobile applications.

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Our process initiates with creating and developing your idea. Its vital to check its viability and transform it to an innovative solution. Our team of developers brainstorm and ideate to mirror the client's message.
Our React Native developers plan the product strategy that further explains the interface. CodeSparrk team develops the blueprint through possible changes would be discussed beforehand. Now save your precious and book your free consultation today.
With step by step guide our React Native app developers go through everything which is supervised by project managers. For smooth, and sustainable product strategy, our supervisors stay active and convey each evaluation with anecdotes.
Final Launch and Execution
We launch React Native app development circumvented by specifications. Through a rigorous runthrough of testing, we give you a beautiful project exactly as envisioned by you.
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Our Latest Technology Stack for Mobile App Development

Choose from the latest technology frameworks below and take your business to another level with our robust mobile app development company.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We initiate the process with ideation stage and move along with calculated steps for seamless experience:

  1. Understanding Requirements
  2. Checking its viability
  3. Designing
  4. Testing and Development
  5. Deployment on Cross-platforms
  6. Extended support and staff services

At CodeSparrk, our team of developers make your React Native app depending on your complexity and application. If one wants a rough figure, it would take 3 to 5 months and more depending upon the type of project you have. For instance, it usually takes 3 to 5 months for a health and fitness app. For free consultation and planning of your project, connect with our team!

With a plethora of options, React Native shines through due to its intuitive infrastructure, live reloading, and robust development with reusability and availability on cross-platforms through a single piece of code. We can safely say that React Native app development services are the way to go in 2022!

React Native is a robust technology for a seamless user experience. And that is why it has developed some of the major apps in the market, including Facebook, Instagram, AirBnB, UberEats, SoundCloud, and so on.

As a React Native app development company, we have a big team of developers working on a plethora of complex mobile applications. We provide services ranging from health and fitness to advertising, shopping, and finance, among other things! 

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Learn something new about technology with our recent comprehensive blogs on interesting topics.

Industries We Serve In

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E commerce & Shopping

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Business Engagement Models


Time & Material

Under this engagement model, the client has to pay only for the man hours of the resources along with the project requirements. Our project team gives regular updates as the development process evolves/progresses. With agile methodology, alterations and additions would be seamless with elements changed when needed.


Fix Scope Model

A fixed price model involves a fixed timeline under which the project is scheduled to be completed. We give 95% timely submissions, keeping your unique requirements in mind. No additional expenses would be levied as the development cost is fixed.


Hire Team

Hire a dedicated team of mobile app developers for you project according to your requirements. At CodeSparrk, get comprehensive team of dedicated developers, designers, creative heads, and project managers who are highly skilled and experienced.

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