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Build your financial solutions with CodeSparrk’s Digital innovation and custom Financial software services. Our Fintech app development company elevates, reinvents, and revamps your way of buying ad selling. Get extensive FinTech domain knowledge with highly experienced experts in the subject. Get the most reliant, and scalable fintech solutions. 


Fintech app development

Fintech App Development Solutions for Banking and Financial Industries

The Fintech industry is growing rapidly and we are introduced to new services every day. Traditional methods of handling finance have long gone due to the advent of cutting-edge technologies. Your finance company needs an upgrade in the building financial services and processes. We have delivered Fintech solutions to clients globally. Located in the UK, the USA, and India, we have 11+ years of experience in producing smart digital solutions and innovating. 

Improve and automate the use of financial services and manage your finance operations easily. With CodeSparrk’s back-end systems, our fintech app developers provide solutions for Insurance mobile apps, crowdfunding portal development, P2P Fintech software, and mobile payments among others. From investments to payments we have got you covered.

Our FinTech App Development Services

The ever-evolving technological field requires robust services to match its dynamic nature. If you do not keep up with the trends, your company might be missing something significant. That is why choose our FinTech App Development services that not only make you ready to beat the trends but also for future upgrades and alterations. Our team conducts research thoroughly and presents you with a comprehensive plan with anecdotes. 


Investment Solutions

Our FinTech App developers provide the best digital solutions to different sectors of investment. We provide artificial intelligence in order to prevent cheating and fraud. Using AI and robust technology, we provide FinTech solutions for digital banking, cryptocurrency, enterprise tools, software, and the insurance industry.


Wealth Management Mechanisms

CodeSparrk gives personalized solutions to manage your wealth. Now track, manage and grow your wealth with a plethora of rich features in your app. Get customization based on how you want to manage them. We understand the diversity in the financial sector and that is why we innovate solutions accordingly that best suit our clients.


Wallets and KYC Platforms

Our FinTech app developers provide digital wallets to every industry whose users are spread worldwide. Transfer money through mobile numbers, QR codes, or NFC through our app anytime anywhere. Not only this we develop KYC (Know your customer) platforms to integrate the data and manage the customer base efficiently.


Robust Payment System

We excel in developing dynamic payment gateways that work effectively without any lags and errors. Our work process is based on a testing model where our software goes through multiple tests before the final launch. We specialize in creating complex payment processors that work worldwide.


Accounting and Banking Solution

We create high-quality FinTech applications for the banking sectors including commercial and retail. Improve your customer service and integrate platforms for a seamless customer experience. Our banking solutions are highly compatible with dynamic requirements. Our solutions are based on performance-oriented and bug-free software.


Trading and Stock Solutions

Our FinTech App Development company is one of the best providers for stock trading solutions using futuristic technologies. Our app also strengthens your portfolio and elevates your image in the market.

Our Work Process

We address FinTech app development challenges with our comprehensive work process that carefully handles all the intricate details. Keeping the policies and procedures in mind, we conduct frequent meetings with the project managers to keep you posted throughout the plan. Here is how our FinTech Solutions eliminates all risks and boosts your growth exponentially.

Defining Objective and Ideation

We conceptualize your business goals and turn them into practical plans to work on. We understand and measure the viability of your idea and recommend alterations accordingly. Our experts carefully work on the details, designing the perspective according to the target audience.

Identifying Technology and Finalizing

We identify the requirements and customize the technology accordingly. We find you the most suitable technology stack and optimize your FinTech solutions.

Eliminating and Coding Complexities

In a streamlined process, we conduct thorough research to procure intricate details and decode complexities. We document the features and produce the necessary checklist that needs finishing.

Launching and Feedback

We ensure the complete safety and security of your FinTech app. We implement strict data protection and monitor the response from the user’s end. After analyzing the data, we make necessary alterations and additions. You get extended support from our project managers regarding any change in your project. So be hustle-free, and tension free with CodeSparrk.

Compliance with Government Regulations

We ensure that the FinTech app complies with government structure and policies. Your app ensures an issue-free and hassle-free experience to fetch the value of the portfolios.

Why Choose CodeSparrk for FinTech App Development?

Our FinTech app development company stands as a market leader in the UK, the USA, Australia, and India. Our clients prefer us because of the top-notch and innovative FinTech applications. 

Our top FinTech app developers reduce the development time by 25% and provide result-driven solutions. Get cross-functional, agile, and innovative teams that work collectively to bring your ideas to life.

Expertise in fintech app development

Ingrained Expertise

Our seasoned FinTech Developers will choose the best technology stack for your app and integrate it through various platforms. Our application helps you grow in continuity and comply with market changes simultaneously.

Global delivery network

Global Delivery Network

Our offices are situated in prime locations in the UK, the USA, Australia, and India. We have a diversified clientele that allowed us to study the market in an extensive way. That is why our approach to each of your requirements would come from a highly experienced place.

Idea protection

Idea Protection

We sign NDA forms that ensure your idea and code protection. You can be relaxed and hassle-free regarding any security breach because your application is protected through multiple agreements. From ideation to launch and post-launch process, our team keeps everything legally confidential.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of developing your app depends upon the factors pertaining to the complexity of the app. But the estimation lies somewhere between 15-20 % of the total app development cost per year. Call us today and get a free consultation on your idea and plan sketched by experts!

FinTech app developers and team composition collectively decide the duration of the app development. Generally, the time estimation lies somewhere between three to six months, depending on the complexity.

The programming languages used in FinTech Software development are as follows: 

Java, Python, Net Ruby, Scala, C++, and C#. in smart contracts, generally C++ and C# are being used.

FinTech app development company uplifts your company comprehensively. You have multiple channels to use for your financial services, due to which your cost for launching physical branches reduce. Further, you get personalized service with low operation costs where the app reacts faster to customer needs than manual advertising. 


Thirdly, your get higher speed and robust functioning. Every data is digital and that is why your company does not have to worry about keeping records. You can track your history and customer interaction and work on the feedback effectively. 


It helps you stay updated and aware of the new opportunities and trends in the financial sector. The transparency is increased and your information becomes more accessible. 


Lastly, get secured transaction and financial services where you get robust authorization for payments. This approach lets you track every transaction with a click on the screen.

Fintech integrates various forms of technologies to bring a smart solution to handle your finance. It includes Blockchain, Crowdfunding, Big data, intelligent investment, and consulting, among others

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