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Codesparrk is one of the best game development companies in Mumbai, India, offers services to clients located in the USA and UK. Game development requires a lot of time and money. The process is more challenging when it is undertaken by inexperienced individuals. Codesparrk facilitates the quickest possible game development. Our clients are proud of the game development service we provided for them.

Our games are innovative, revolutionary, functional, useful, and appealing. Our games are delivered on time and within budget. Designers at our game studio are in charge of the main features and idea implementation for the upcoming game.

Globally, Codesparrk has delivered multiple mobile software applications as well as games for businesses and individuals. If you are looking for a professional, experienced, and globally trusted solution partner that believes in delivering quality within timeframes, Look no further!
Connect to the best mobile game development company in the USA now to make a top performing AR, VR, 2D, and 3D game.

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Our Game Development Services

The designers and developers of our game development services company are experts in the implementation of game concepts and modern features of game development. Explore the types of game development services we offer. 

Mobile Game Development

CodeSparrk is an all-inclusive mobile game development company specializing in art & design, Blockchain, Metaverse and much more! We are reputed for our versatility and inventiveness in the gaming industry. Our video game company,believe that creating out of the box solutions and giving wings to the new era of the gaming industry is our primary duty. We capture the client's imagination to its full entirety with graphics, designs, and animation.

PC Game Development

We all know how innovative games are addictive and popular among the public. CodeSparrk with its one of the leading developers make fascinating games that bewitched the audience. Develop epic games for mobile phones, tablets, games console, among other gadgets! Our game development services provide ideation and comprehensive process of your concept for any genre.

NFT Game Development

Transform your dream game into reality with your one-stop destination for all NFT services. With advanced and latest trends, we use blockchains and crypto framework for secured deployment. Every feature is diligently made with consistent feedback from the client’s evaluation. We offer everything from scratch including your documentation, cost estimation, and viability of your idea to maintain entrusted relationships.

HTML5 Game Development

Develop web video games with HTML5 with a comprehensive team of artists, developers, designers and QA team. We use latest technologies like playcanvas, phases, haxe, etc. in a quick development process for on-time delivery. You can view your games on browsers, leaving the process of downloading, installing and configuring.

AR/VR Game Development

Get interactive and intuitive UI elements for seamless user experience. We develop eco-friendly designs for your AR/VR devices with keeping your virtual worlds feel intact. Designers make it rudimentary to conduct research and innovations that engage various senses and give out immersive experiences for AR and VR game development,

Unreal Engine

Get Unreal Engine game development services for mobile platforms, PC or web and much more. Get realistic, interactive and innovative environments with top animation artists! What are you waiting for? Choose from a plethora of languages, topics, skills, customized clothing for every genre and kind. Check out our most open and advanced real-time 3D creation visuals.

Unity 3D

With the top projects in the industry that gamers enjoy, you may bring your ideas to life. Our Unity game development experts can design cross-platform functionality for games with top-notch graphics and cutting-edge technologies.


We can make top-notch 2D and 3D games by utilizing the most recent technologies and gaming expertise. Create an entertaining game using the ideas and combination of new technologies to make it more real for the user. With the best graphics and design ideas, we can create interactive 2D and 3D games.


We make graphic character designs that are completely customized to meet needs such as styles, techniques, formats, etc. Character creation with our team is simple regardless of the use cases. We focus on 2D, 3D, and other designs. Our character design development is supported by various imaginative and distinct approaches.

Concept Art

For the most cutting-edge and sophisticated games, our team is prepared to offer a variety of game art services. We have the necessary tools, know-how, and unquenchable drive to create something truly special. With well-considered designs for characters, settings, and objects as our framework, we concentrate on developing stunning 2D designs.  3D concept art for characters, settings, and props is our company's area of expertise. Our 3D concepts are fully detailed to meet objectives.

Why Choose CodeSparrk for Game Development ?

Technologies And Game Engines We Use

Our expertise in Game Development resides under one roof from conceptualization through final delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In a game development services company, game developer turn a designer’s concepts into a playable game for users.
Video game developers, commonly referred to as video game programmers or game developers, build the code for games that run on a number of platforms, including PCs, consoles, web browsers, and mobile devices. By developing code, they transform the concepts, blueprints, and rules of the game designer into a realistic game with graphics and audio.

Usually, a game developer’s work entails:

  • reviewing the design requirements provided by video game developers.
  • Writing code to translate the game designer’s concepts into a playable game.
  • making use of application programming interfaces (APIs).
  • designing the game’s environment.

Game development pertains to the creation of different types of games, such as action games, role-playing games, sports games, strategy games, casino games, etc. for various platforms, including the web, PC, mobile (Android, iOS), cloud, and console (Xbox, Nintendo, PS4). There is now cross-platform development available. Game developers need to program, design, release, and test until they have a complete game.

Game development includes all aspects of creating video games, from concept to graphic design to programming and release. A game developer is responsible for all of this work. In the game development process, they follow a set of guidelines. In the gaming industry, this is referred to as a game design document or GDD, and it contains all the details about real gameplay. Game development teams use GDDs to organize their work flow.

There are five main stages of game development.

1. Game development and pre-production
Each stage of the game development process is important, but the first planning phase has a direct impact on all subsequent cycles. It is critical to begin the computer game development process by gathering information about a potential product, such as technical specifications.

2. Production
The production stage, which is divided into several internal stages, is the longest and most labor-intensive stage of a video game production pipeline.

  • Prototyping: The first stage of production is the creation of a prototype.
  • Making visual content
  • Development of game levels
  • Voice acting and audio design
  • Coding

3: Quality assuranceA game of any complexity requires testing to ensure that it is bug-free and works properly.
4: The product launch:This is the final stage of game development that everyone looks forward to.
5: Post-production:Once a game is released to the public, fixes and improvements must be constantly monitored to ensure a level of stability and performance.

At CodeSparrk, you can hire game developers on the basis of different hiring models, as follows:

  • Time and Materials (Requirement)
  • Fix the scope model
  • Hiring a team

Here is the hiring process we offer to help you choose the best candidate for your project.

  • Requirement Gathering
  • Shortlisting Candidate
  • procedure for screening resumes
  • Contract and Terms
  • The final stage is to start working on the project.

Offshore game development offers further advantages besides saving time on the hiring of game developers,

  • such as decreased operational costs and business risks, higher productivity, improved efficiency, and a sharper focus on other crucial company operations.
  • Based on global trends, a growing number of businesses choose offshore game developers to scale their activities and boost growth with top talent that is not just accessible in their localities. 
  • You save more time due to the trustworthy partnerships with third parties.

The complete hiring process is not required of you.

It implies that you will not have to search for applicants through recruitment agencies and job search engines and choose the best one based on your specifications.

A video game development outsourcing company will also do the work for you so you don’t have to spend your time and energy on education and training for the job market. 


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