Best Android Frameworks for 2022

Explore and Learn about Android Frameworks. List of top frameworks used for android app development in 2022. Read this blog for best frameworks for android.
Best android frameworks for 2022

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Best Android Frameworks for 2022

In this fast-paced world, what’s the one thing that keeps everyone hooked to it? Yes, the answer is mobile phones. Be it ordering food, taking diet or simply working out, we need mobile phones for every little task. Considering it to be the need of the hour, is your brand has a mobile application yet? If not, get your android app development services today that would change your business dynamics and upgrade your brand among potential customers.

As a part of the discussion, do you know which android framework completes your requirements for mobile app development? In order to get the best and most robust android app development, read on to know the various android frameworks that stand top among the developers.

What is Android system framework?

An Android application framework is a software tool kit that allows app developers to put together a finalized product that fulfills the needs of its owner. An application’s framework offers the basic structure; graphics, animation, unique features, and functionalities are added to complete the application.

Being the pond of games, apps, and services, Android is winning and has acquired 85% of the market shares from the side of mobile operating systems. It’s high time for your brand to expand the horizons of your online presence through robust android app development. Therefore, if you are deciding on implementing a new application, expand your knowledge about android frameworks and choose what’s most compatible for you!

Consider Following Robust Features before selecting your Android Framework

Before choosing your android framework for app development, take a look at the factors to consider first. One of the best ways to decide is to list down your requirements and check for compliance. It is substantial to know your unique requirements that fit perfectly in one framework. There are essentially two types of frameworks: open source and paid.

Consider these factors before selecting the android framework:

Performance Reliability

Look at the history of performance, the companies integrating with the framework, and what is the successful implementation rate. Some frameworks are built in a way that can slow down the process of app development. Check the robustness of the framework and see if it can run without errors and bugs.

Multiple Testing

The second and most important one is that your selected framework should be able to give you seamless testing. Look for the feature of hot reloading that allows you to test units easily without refreshing the page again.

Programming Language

Select the framework that provides the base language that is known to you. Get trained professionals from CodeSparrk and relax while it makes the best application for your brand.

Cross platforms

Keeping the trends in mind, you could need an application for iOS users in the future as well. Choose a framework that provides a single codebase for cross-platforms. This saves your time to write a set of code for other platforms and is cost-effective.

8 Best Android Frameworks for App Development 2022

Keeping the trends in mind, you could need an application for iOS users in the future as well. Choose a framework that provides a single codebase for cross-platforms. This saves your time to write a set of code for other platforms and is cost-effective.

The following are some of the best and most frequently used android frameworks in 2022 globally:

React Native

One of the frequently used android frameworks, React Native is winning the hearts of developers worldwide. This development framework is majorly used by coders to develop your android app due to its multifaceted benefits. A robust open source code, React Native provides you a single code base that could be utilized on every platform including Android, Windows, or iOS.

This android framework is famous among notable companies and is used by Tesla, Instagram, Discord, Skype, Pinterest, and Salesforce, among others. From a business point of view, you get robust development speed and cost. You can recycle and reuse the components which increase flexibility to make your app development updates consistent. With a great user experience, it gives you a faster time to market, and low maintenance cost.

From a developer’s point of view, it gives you timely error messages, saves your time, and gives you the window to oversee the changes. Easier to debug, it is perfect to keep things minimal and decent.

React native framework - codesparrk

Key Advance Features of React Native

  • Code Reusability
  • Exceptional Performance
  • Third-party extensions
  • Single code baseline


Backed by Google, Flutter is free to use android framework for making Android and iOS app development. With an uncontested and seamless UI framework, Flutter gives you a stable platform, especially due to the reliability of Google. It gives room for a unique UI toolkit. Each SDK defines a toolkit according to each UI which is a feature Flutter is famous for.

Flutter is a one of the most comprehensive android frameworks that gives you multiple benefits of a solid testing framework, a hot reload feature for robust testing. Now you do not have to worry about restarting the app. It is different and highly preferable among developers due to its high reliability and multi-development process for a seamless user experience.

Flutter framework

Key Advance Features of Flutter

  • Hot reload framework
  • Integrate third-party external APIs
  • Google Approved
  • Quick Rendering
  • Sturdy testing

Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova previously known as PhoneGap is a modern android framework that uses HTML, CSS3, & Java Script as its tools. Like other android frameworks, Apache Cordova works on a single code baseline that makes it easier to create a code that works on every platform. It also saves time and is cost-effective as developers do not have to go through whole other procedures for making it available for other platforms.

It is widely used to utilize smartphone hardware features including GPS, and cameras, among others to provide a seamless native experience. Get convenient prototyping and get instant results.

Apache cordova framework

Key Advance Features of Apache Cordova

  • Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Cordova Plugins
  • Single source code
  • Cost Effective


Xamarin is the best option for your android app development if you are looking for flawless native functionality. Brought to you by Microsoft, Xamarin uses C# programming language and allows developers to transfer scripts faster. Its robustness lies in its ultra-fast speed without jeopardizing the quality of construction.

Xamarin includes an amalgamation between system code and standard code through an intermediate layer. It comes with easy maintenance and is cost-effective with high reliability. Get a smart feature of documentation through which you can easily track the history of development and alter it if you need.

Xamarin android framework

Key Feature of Xamarin – Why Choose Xamarine Framework?

  • Seamless and Faster Advancement
  • Android SDK manager
  • Native UI Experience
  • Shareable Code
  • Simplified Maintenance


Ionic is an open-source android framework and is used to make hybrid apps. One of the most popular technology stacks, Ionic has evolved a lot for the better. This cross-platform android app development also works on a single codebase that complies with iOS and Android. Developers get an edge while using Iconic as they can utilize its default CSS and JS components for designing the app.

With extended technology, developers can create dynamic mobile applications with a robust native experience. Ionic gives separate modes for each platform, including color, theme, and other global variables.

Ionic framework

Key Features of Ionic Framework

  • Integration capabilities and Plugins
  • Different platform modes
  • Native experience
  • Seamless testing


With enhanced performance, robust speed of development, and security, Swiftic is one of the best android frameworks in 2022. With the edge of a user-friendly interface, it gives timely push notifications and seamless third-party integration. It’s super easy to use and does not require deep knowledge or expertise to develop the application.

This framework is famous for its 30-day money-back guarantee in case it does not satisfy your requirements. Get advanced analytics for robust development of your android append and see how your customers are responding. Get a plethora of features including in-app ordering, scheduling, or conducting surveys only on the Swiftic framework.

Swiftic framework

Key Features of Swiftic Framework

  • Free use App building platform
  • Exciting features
  • Intuitive system
  • Advanced analytics

Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is a popular framework that is frequently used especially by enterprises. Its engaging interfaces and animations are a plus for developers. The most prominent features of Sencha Touch are 50 in-built widgets with multiple rich UI that is specifically used for mobile applications.

The code is compatible with new versions and has a flexible layout for managers to organize data strategically.

Being a leading business-level application, Sencha Touch provides easy navigation and the fastest speed for a mobile app. Besides, the lack of access to cameras, contacts, and push notifications, Sencha Touch is a cost-effective solution that complies with multiple platforms.

Sencha touch android framework

Key Features of Sencha Touch Framework

  • 50 UI components & native themes
  • High degree of compatibility
  • Swift execution
  • Easy navigation

Appcelerator Titanium

With a single JavaScript codebase, Appcelerator has made it one of the best android frameworks in 2022. It is an open-source platform for mobile app development that is famous worldwide for its robust accelerated prototyping. It takes lesser time and allows you to create a prototype within hours.

Since the application is developed by web technologies, Titanium provides integration of the application with web service. It gives you access to native API for systems including Android, iOS, and Universal Windows among others.

Appcelerator titanium android framework

Key Features of Appcelerator Titanium Framework

  • Multi-platform application
  • Native API access
  • OS centric Controls
  • Rapid prototyping

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Wrapping Up

It could be mind-boggling and exhausting to choose an android frameworks. That is why we have brought up the list of frameworks that are suitable for your brand. Keeping the trends and emerging needs of customers, choose what’s best for you. Choose the right professionals or company who are acquainted with your requirements and apply the technology stack to build your app.

If you do not have a android app development company already, call us today and get a free consultation on your idea. We have a comprehensive experienced team who are well versed in multiple frameworks. Transform your dream into reality and become visible in the global market.

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