Google’s Helpful Content Update(6 things for Content Creators)

Know more about Google helpful content update. Here we curated 6 important thing for content creators to know. Read blog for more insights.
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Google’s Helpful Content Update(6 things for Content Creators)

Have you heard about the latest Google Update? Attention readers! This update is going to change the google algorithm drastically. As a content creator, entrepreneur, or business that runs online, know all about Google’s new helpful updates. This change will be implemented in a week or so, rolling out a change to its search ranking algorithm. Being one of the most significant changes, this would decide if your content is worth reading for the reader or not.

Google helpful content update tip to focus on people first content

How? Let’s first unravel how this works

What is Google’s Helpful Content Update?

Google’s new Helpful Content Update basically rules out the content that is meant for ranking in the search engines rather than providing useful content. Google wants to improve the distribution of content on the web by expediting content that is actually meant to help humans rather than being present for other purposes. 

The purpose behind this change is all about distributing authentic content that is helpful for humans searching for a specific niche. So if you are “people first content” providing content that is impacting the public, then this change would be a plus for you. Rolling out low-quality content that no longer serves the demand of readers would be detected and removed immediately after the implementation of this update. This also brings out the factor as to why content moderation is important. 

Attention to website owners that run businesses online to look out for the content that could be de-ranked or negatively impacted once the update is live.  

As a content provider, ask yourself these questions that are provided by Google to check if your content is worthy to exist on search engines:

  • Does your content contain an authentic experience or experiment that shows its viability for the audience?
  • While updating content, does it have a targeted approach that could be beneficial for the audience? (for example, what is the manner and primary focus of your content, and does your content represent that distinctly?)
  • After accessing your content, does the ultimate goal of the reader searching for the content get fulfilled or not?
  • Are you keeping future updates and guidance in mind while producing your content?
  • Do you have the intended audience for your content?
  • Does your content deliver the intended impact on the audience?
  • Does your content provide enough information and suggest something beyond obvious? 

If you have got enough yeses, then you don’t have to worry about the update. You are working in the right direction and your content is duly appreciated by Google.

How would Google’s Helpful Content Update Impact Creators?

We all have to agree that helpful content for websites is the need of the hour. This change was long due that could be significantly helpful for authentic creators. We all have heard about stealing content, paraphrasing, and releasing the same repetitive content over and over again. Where the key motive behind search engines is to provide meaningful content, this update is going to be a big contribution to everyone involved in content creation. 

How could you make yourself ready for this update? Here’s how:

6 Things to Keep in Mind while Generating Content

The big question is that “does your content” provide what the reader is looking for?” the answer should be crystal clear yes. Beware of the guidelines by Google and keep these 6 things while generating content. 

1. Be Focussed on the Ultimate Goal

While generating the content, do not stray away from the main topic. Keep your content inclined towards the main goal. Be wary of the sub-topic you are including. Don’t stuff your content with irrelevant factors to make it lengthy. Keep your main focus on “people content” rather than “lengthy unnecessary” content. 

Understand your audience and keep “content transparency” to its extreme potential. Be precise, and concise by following the rule “less word count, more quality content”. 

2. Include First-Hand Experience and Examples

Google has recommended including your first-hand experience and relevant examples in your content. With this advice, Google recommends content creators not to use inferences and instances, you haven’t personally experienced or witnessed. It not only conveys irrelevant knowledge about a certain topic but gives the audience false hoes about the niche. It could jeopardize our society’s growth. 

Take the example of product reviews. If you haven’t reviewed them, then what’s the point of generating content on others’ ideas? Exactly, Goggle straight out rules out things that do not serve any purpose. In contrast, if your content is sufficiently clear about the images, content, and instances used that are targeting the key topic and add value to it, then Google duly appreciates your idea. 

3. Overall Reader Experience 

Ask yourself if your content is leaving the audience with a comprehensive reading experience. This should include a satisfying experience and your piece of content should fulfill this criterion. 

Look out for the searcher’s wants and needs, fulfilling their specific needs and questions. The ultimate goal is to give them an overall reading experience. 

4. Don’t Leave your Audience Wondering

Do provide your audience with sufficient answers to specific questions. Your piece of content should fulfill the task for which the searcher has opened your page. While maintaining a balance and adding useful information is pertinent for any reader, try not to stuff your content with everything but the key topic. Try to answer with a plethora of options including sub-topics, Frequently asked questions, and topics that people might search for after reading your content. 

Amalgamating everything into one place would definitely help the searcher to find what they are looking for. Which is in fact the goal of your content piece. 

5. Understand Your Audience 

Google recommends through their guidelines to have content not to rank but understanding your audience and generate content according to them. For example, if somebody is looking for a piano course, so they might not want to understand the specifics of the piano instrument. Rather they would be looking forward to understanding the procedure of the course through which they go through. 

In the same manner, adding content with little to no relevance could poke you back with the de-ranking of your content piece. That’s why if you already have an intended audience, then understand what they are specifically looking for. Then only add the parts and sub-topics that make sense to them not you. Always remember that it’s important to be creative and innovative but only to use these tools to contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the key topic.  Check this guide to learn about user acquisition.

6. Easy to Navigate Through Your Information & Logic 

We have seen booming potential in today’s content writers. But what makes you stand out in the crowd? While generating the content, one significant key is to structure your content in a way that is easy to navigate through for the audience. They should understand the logic and information that you are building in the content smoothly. Each sentence should flow into the next naturally, leaving no room for abruptness or surprises. While doing the same, take care of the tone. Depending on the kind of content you are writing, you need to select the way the content speaks to the audience.

Content is a one-way dialogue. You are in a very powerful position that puts you in a place of responsibility. It is so because you are conveying a one-way conversation to the audience. It should be in the right tone and with the approach.

Final Words

Google’s new Helpful Content Update is rolling out super soon. With the information provided above, examine your content with the intent of making it:” people first content”. In the official comment by Google, it has been clearly declared that Google will ve discarding unhelpful and repetitive content from the web in two weeks.” For more in detail insights check this guide on what creators should know about content creation?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It could take up to weeks or months. When it affects your sites that contain unhelpful content, Google will rule your page until it detects that the classification no longer applies to your site. All the sites including the existing and newly-launched ones would be monitored closely. 

No punishment would be levied on you directly. This is an automated system through the use of machine learning. De-ranking or complete removal would be the ultimate consequence you are expected to face. Altering your page to convert it to people first would be evaluated by Google and the same rank would be returned to you if you earn your place back in the eyes of the audience.

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